Truckload Carriers

Transport More Efficiently and Less Expensively with Truckload Carriers

As a business owner located in or around Michigan who needs to transport goods, you likely already know the benefits of using truckload carriers. After all, trucks are much less expensive than air transportation and more efficient than rail transport, not to mention you have the benefits of increased flexibility since trucking companies in Michigan can take your goods wherever you need to go.

Of course, making the decision that trucking companies are the best option for transporting your goods is only one part of your transportation and logistics planning. You also need to find the right Michigan trucking companies to help ensure your goods are transported in a safe, secure and cost-effective manner.

Large or Small, We’ll Handle All Your Cargo Transportation Needs

At Classic, we have extensive resources and equipment available to meet the needs of those looking for large or small truckload carriers. We can serve as a dedicated fleet for your business’ shipping needs or provide spot quoting for smaller or less frequent loads. We also offer both exclusive use TL services or more flexible LTL services. These options allow us to offer you affordable choices that will fit your budget, regardless of whether you are shipping a small amount or an entire truck full.

Truckload Carrier Services Focused on the Safety of Your Cargo

At Classic Transportation, we understand that safe and secure transportation of your cargo is essential to your bottom line. That’s why we have:

  • Well-trained drivers who are focused on transporting your freight safely–Background checks are conducted on all prospective employees and all drivers are held to the utmost in care and quality standards. Classic Transportation is so focused on ensuring safety and security that we have even become a certified Customs Trade partner Against Terrorism, which required rigid compliance with guidelines issued by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection group for all employees and visitors.
  • Our drivers are also trained in the transportation of HAZMAT and sensitive cargo upon hiring and undergo refresher-training courses every two years. Our intensive training program on moving sensitive cargo meets the regulations set forth in Federal Regulation 49-CFR parts 100-185.
  • Bonded and insured drivers–Classic Transportation and Warehousing handles transportation throughout Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan and beyond. This provides you with an added level of protection and allows us to transport your cargo to more places so you can depend on only our truckload carriers for all of your needs.

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These advantages, plus our reputation for dependable and flexible service, help to provide you with peace of mind that your cargo is in good hands. So if you are looking for a carrier solution contact Classic today! (616)877-0003