Classic Transportation and Warehousing is C-TPAT (customs trade partner against terrorism) certified. All employees receive training and go through guidelines issued by the United States Customs and Border Protection group. We are very committed to ensuring the physical safety of all employees and to increase our approach to heightened security issues in every facet of our business. Our comprehensive and detailed security plan is the foundation to enhance the companies safety and security program by complying with C-TPAT criteria.

Supply Chain Security Profile Overview
Highway Carrier Security

Classic Transportation and Warehousing
institutes effective security practices by following the guidelines expected of a C-TPAT member. Our customers understand our focus on theft, risk of loss, terrorist intrusion and smuggling that could potentially bring dangerous goods into the supply chain.

This supply chain security profile outlines the key objectives in becoming C-TPAT certified. Our goal is to assure all security procedures are effectively being executed within our company and our business partners. We understand that all procedures and compliance measures must be documented. Classic Transportation & Warehousing completes internal audits along with auditing our business partners.

Business Partner Requirements
. We receive written verification of security guidelines and include this in contracts where applicable. Periodic reviews will take place to assure the C-TPAT security guidelines have been implemented and followed.

Security Procedures
Written procedures to assure C-TPAT security practices are in place. Classic Transportation and Warehousing also screens our business partners for compliance to the C-TPAT security requirements. Classic obtains business partners certification number if they are C-TPAT certified.

Physical Access Controls
Classic Transportation and Warehousing works to prevent unauthorized entry to trucks, trailers and facilities. We identify employees, visitors, service providers, and vendors at all points of entry. A log will be maintained showing the presence of all people on the facility. Employees and service providers will only have access to those areas of a facility where they have legitimate business. Visitors will be escorted on company facilities. Drivers must provide manifest or pick up numbers upon arrival. Drivers are not allowed on the dock where products are being loaded. Designated driver areas are available and procedures are in place to remove unauthorized people.

Personnel Security

  • Pre-Employment Verification – Verify employment history and references for all applicants.
  • Background Checks/Investigations – Background checks and investigations will be conducted for prospective employees. Periodic checks will be performed based on cause or employee’s position in the company.
  • Personnel Termination Procedures – Identification, facility, and system access will be removed immediately when an employee is terminated.

Physical Security

Procedures are in place to prevent or deter unauthorized personnel from gaining access to our facilities and trailers.

  • Fencing – At our corporate facility and container yard eight foot fencing with three strands of barb wire enclose the entire premise. Fencing is regularly inspected for damage. The entrance into this area is gate controlled.
  • Parking – Private passenger vehicles are prohibited from parking in close proximity to parking and storage areas for tractors and trailers.
  • Building Structure – Buildings are constructed of concrete block and metal. Buildings are inspected and maintained.
  • Locking Devices and Key Controls – The facilities, gates and fences are secured with locking devices. Management controls the distribution of all locks and keys, including the locks and keys for tractors. When parked in the yard, doors to tractors are locked and windows are closed.
  • Lighting – The entrances and exits along with the parking and storage areas for tractors and trailers have very good lighting. Defective lights are quickly recognized and replaced.
  • Alarms Systems & Video Surveillance Cameras – All doors are alarmed and monitored by (EPS) a local security company. Video cameras record activities outside and within the buildings.
  • Security Training and Threat Awareness – All Classic Transportation & Warehousing employee’s and owner operators have received: general awareness training, function-specific training, safety training, security and awareness training and in depth security training. Everyone is aware of the emergency contacts in case they are involved or have suspicious thoughts of terrorism. Quarterly meetings take place to discuss safety and security. All employees and owner operators will receive additional training to recognize various threats of terrorism and to assure we comply to the C-TPAT guidelines.

Information & Technology Security
All computers are password protected. Servers are locked in a separate area in the main office. Servers are backed up on a daily basis and stored in a locked and fire protected safe. Employees are informed to change their passwords on a regular basis. A third party company monitors our computer systems and servers for any improper access or tampering.