Overwhelmed by inbound freight? A congested dock costs your company both time and money. Classic Transportation & Warehousing offers deconsolidation services that can streamline your receiving process. Imagine having your products hit your dock already sorted, palletized, inventoried, and ready for stock handling—and saving you money in the process!

Receiving and dock efficiency are crucial to supply chain productivity. A third-party deconsolidation service eliminates the all-too-common bottle-necking of inbound containers, improving inventory management, providing overall cost reductions, and creating faster inventory cycles. In addition, labor is freed up to handle core business needs.

Classic’s qualified team of transportation and warehousing professionals work together to ensure your shipments are managed efficiently every step of the way. Once your container becomes available at the rail, Classic handles the drayage and scheduling of the containers to our deconsolidation facility. Classic Warehousing then breaks down the containers by verifying inventory, palletizing, and labeling the materials according to individual customers’ specifications. Classic is equipped to then transport the goods via a trailer load to your facility, or even directly to your customers. This coordinated effort ensures shipping containers are returned to the rail-yard in a timely manner, significantly reducing equipment charges.

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