Winter is still well under way! This means that trucks are experiencing winter driving all over the U.S. and beyond, and many will meet dangerous winter conditions. While truck drivers are trained to drive in all weather, the roads remain dangerous because of unknowns, such as irresponsible driving on the part of others on the road.

Despite the legal requirements to obtain a license, there are many people who show poor judgement on the highway. When the weather is rough, it is even more important to be aware of others around you, particularly big rig trucks.

There is no harm in slowing down.

Speeding is a top cause of accidents on the road and, per the norm, it is always much worse to speed in bad weather conditions. When there is rain, snow, or fog, visibility is poorer, which puts you at risk of being unable to see something around you and react in time. Ice on the road may mean skidding. For semis, the time they need to stop and their visibility is even more of a problem. Slow down and proceed cautiously when on the road with a truck. Don’t ever let other people on the road make you feel pressured to be unsafe.

Maintain a safe distance.

Make sure the driver can see you whenever possible and keep a safe distance. Do not ever tailgate a semi under any circumstance. If that truck stops suddenly, you’re going to be in far worse condition. Give a truck space to stop and change lanes. It’s harder for a semi driver to see you, so, if you’re in the way, that driver may not know.

Be smart about your driving.

This is true anytime you drive. However, when days are clear and roads are not busy, we all sometimes let things slide. Don’t do that around big rigs, particularly when the weather is bad. Use all of those rules you already know, and don’t give in to the desire or pressure to break them. Make sure your car is running well and accidents aren’t likely because of some failure.

We all want road safety, even those who practice bad driving habits. However, we’re only as safe as we can be when we do what we know is best. Practice safety at all times including around semis during winter driving!