The most successful businesses know that an essential element of productive trade is efficiency. This applies to transportation and warehousing, as well. When it comes to this particular realm of business, efficiency comes in the form of several factors, of which any company searching for a transportation and warehousing partner should be aware.
Location and Layout
Positioning is key. This applies to both the warehouse and central locations. The most efficient warehousing and transportation company not only knows the most active shipping routes and locations—ports, railways, etc.—but makes certain to position the business as near as possible to those locations, and make it easy to house and transport on those routes. Within the warehouse, storage should be well-planned. Items requiring temperature should be carefully placed where it is easy to manage the temperature. Products that will not remain in storage long should be near the front for easy access. Space should be carefully maximized and the overall layout should be re-evaluated often to accommodate any changes, and to watch for opportunities to better efficiency through organization.
Modernize and Streamline
Manual systems and variation have their benefits, but automation and consistency are superior for more efficient business processes. Modern technology makes managing the warehouse, the products, and information far more reliable. It also improves speed and consistency, with fewer chances for error, particularly when combined with the cautious work of skilled employees. Additionally, the seemingly simple task of making the details of storage—packaging, shelving, color coding, etc.—as consistent as possible. This efficient streamlining could, overall, save a significant amount of time, and again, error. 
Of course, adequate training and careful hiring of the most knowledgeable employees also make for company efficiency. As you choose your transportation and warehousing partner, observe their attempts at efficiency. If you have any questions about how we make our services more efficient, call us today and let us show you what we can do for you.